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  HD3 is a heavy duty detergent sanitizer for cleaning and sanitizin farm buildings, equipment, vehicles, abattoirs and food processing plant.

General Properties
Broad spectrum biocide.
Exceptional cleaning power and detergent properties for removing heavy soiling and greasy deposits.
Can be use with all classes of livestock.
Non corrosive, therefore suitable for cleaning hard surfaces including wood, metals, glass, plastics and resin components.

HD3 can be applied manually or by pressure washer, it will speed up cleaning time, reduce water consumption and optimise the efficacy of disinfection.
- use as part of your regular cleaning routine.
- or as a cleaner and sanitizer prior to disinfection in a disease prevention programme.

1. Cleanıng prior to disinfection and regular washing of surfaces.
Cleaning and sanitizing farm equipment eg. feeders, drinkers, cages, crates and vehicle interiors.
Cleaning and sanitizing food preparation areas. Use HD3 at a dilution of :160 (30 ml in 5 litres) in water.

2. Cleaning heavily soiled surfaces eg. terminal cleanout of poultry and pig sheds and other heavily solied anlmal housing.
Cleaning and sanitizing abattoir equipment and surfaces.
Use HD3 at a dilution of 1:160 - 1:80 (30 ml - 60 ml in 5 litres) in water. Apply HD3 to the soiled surfaces, leave to penetrate the soiling then pressure wash to remove.

3. Removing oil, grease and very severe solling eg. engine cleaning.
Use HD3 at a dilution of 1:40
Apply HD3 to the soiled surface wash off with hot water. To facilitate emulsification and removal of oil, scrub with a stiff brush, rinse freely with water. Repeat if necessary.

4. Pressure washing and floor cleaning
Use HD3 at a dilution rate of 1:160 (30 ml in 5 litres).


Packing: Available in 1, 2, 5 and 25 litre containers.

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