Bursaplex® — The Optimum Product for IBD Protection...
* Stimulates active immunity in the presence of maternal antibody
* Develops early disease protection in the presence of maternal antibody
* Broadly antigenic with stimulation of high quality antibody
* Single dose gives lifetime protection in broilers without field vaccinations
* Safe for chicks with low maternal antibody
* Convenient, precise and uniform administration
* USDA approved for in ovo and at hatch administration

Bursaplex is the first USDA-approved virus- antibody complex vaccine that can be delivered in ovo or at hatch. It contains a live strain of bursal disease virus of chicken embryo origin in conjunction with bursal disease antiserum (antibody).
Bursaplex is an effective, single-dose infectious bursal disease vaccine that safely protects broilers in the presence of maternal antibody.
This complex vaccine works to protect each broiler chick against IBD regardless of the level of maternal antibody present. In fact, Bursaplex works with maternal immunity to protect broilers.
In commercial trials approximately 44 million birds were given Bursaplex. In these trials Bursaplex vaccinates showed an increase in percent of birds processed and body weight. The results of these trials also showed that under these conditions the groups vaccinated with Bursaplex had improved feed conversion ratio and reduced percent condemned birds at processing. These favorable production measures resulted in a reduction in the overall cost of producing each bird by 0.21 cents per pound, or approximately one cent per bird. This does not include the increased cost of Bursaplex compared to the conventional bursal program.

A safe single-dose protection
Bursaplex represents a safe and effective way to give broilers life-long protection against bursal disease in a single dose. Bursaplex when appropriately administered in ovo or at hatch solves the problem of viral vaccine neutralization by maternal antibody, eliminating the need for multiple vaccine dose programs.
The secret lies in the patented antigen-antibody complex technology, which combines the IBD vaccine virus with just enough bursal disease antibody (BDA). This assures that the vaccine virus, an intermediate strain, breaks through to infect the bursa at the appropriate time providing immunity without the risk of causing immunosupression.
This USDA-approved vaccine for in ovo and at hatch vaccination was tested and proved to be safe (not have any negative impact on hatch or post hatch mortality) in both, specific pathogen free (SPF) chickens and broilers with maternal antibody to IBD virus.
Several studies as well as over ten years of commercial field experience with Bursaplex® confirm the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine used as a single dose IBD program.

Convenient and cost effective protection
A single dose of Bursaplex offers convenience besides long life protection — whether delivered in ovo, through the Embrex Inovoject® system, or in an accurate way at hatch. In addition, it has been proven cost effective.

This one dose program with Bursaplex:
1. Minimizes the immunity level variation in flocks by eliminating field vaccinations. Eliminating field vaccinations rules out errors related to the different vaccination techniques used in the field and eliminates the guesswork associated with re-vaccination timing.
2. Reduces labor cost associated to field vaccination and additional stress to the flock
Sixteen commercial field trials with a total of 44 million broilers showed that in that case, delivered in ovo or at hatch, Bursaplex was cost effective for poultry producers in a variety of ways. Trials were completed across numerous states, on a variety of breeds and under different management systems. The majority of Bursaplex trials were run against current multiple dose IBD vaccination programs.
A summary of key production parameters from all these field trials showed that the groups vaccinated with Bursaplex presented:

  • reduced settlement cost by 0.21 cents per lb.
  • lowered feed conversion by two points (0.02)
  • lowered condemnations by 0.05%
  • increased live weight by 0.03 lbs.
  • improved livability by 0.35%

  • 3. A single dose of Bursaplex is the most cost-effective efficient way to enhance the benefits of a breeder flock hyperimmunization program already in place, because Bursaplex protects regardless of individual maternal antibody level. In other words, contrary to the conventional IBD vaccines, Bursaplex works with the maternal immunity, not against it, to protect the progeny.


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