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The Embrex Inovoject® Egg Injection System: The worldwide standard for in ovo delivery.
The Embrex Inovoject System is Pfizer Poultry Health Division’s patented platform technology, enabling the delivery of biologicals and pharmaceuticals to chick embryos. It is a controlled, sanitary, less labor-intensive system that delivers nearly 100 percent inoculation rates; it makes possible an early stimulation of the immune system, and minimizes stress to the bird. Studies show these combined benefits typically result in healthier birds for producers. The Inovoject system has become the industry leader because it works. With more than 42 models available, the Inovoject system can accommodate most egg flat and hatching basket configurations.

Market Acceptance
Over 600 Embrex Inovoject Systems are operating worldwide in more than 30 countries injecting over 10 billion eggs per year. More than 70 billion eggs have been injected since the Inovoject system was introduced in 1992.

Proven Benefits
• Healthier birds: The Inovoject system allows for the earliest and most effective disease protection available. Results show healthier, better-performing birds.
• Reduced chick stress: Inoculating eggs before they hatch reduces post-hatch chick handling and stress from manual injection.
• Precise, uniform injection: Ensures accurate dosage to nearly 100% of eggs
• Reduced labor costs: The Embrex Inovoject System automatically injects and transfers eggs from egg flats to hatching baskets with just two operators.
• Minimized contamination: Needles are individually sanitized after each injection. This minimizes contamination when compared to manual post-hatch injection.
• Built to meet all hatchery requirements: The customized Embrex Inovoject System fits most hatchery configurations and is designed for easy handling and transport.
• Quality Design: Pfizer Poultry Health Division (PPHD) continues to evaluate, select, develop and apply the best components and methods available today. The Inovoject System provides customers with outstanding user friendliness, reliability, self-diagnosis and biosecurity. Modular design allows for efficient cleaning and replacement of parts. All disposable components are supplied.
• Total Service for Total Satisfaction: PPHD’s total commitment to our customers through product delivery, installation, maintenance, parts management program, 24-hour on call, and training.


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