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  İyofarm, is the superior virucidal iodophor disinfectant with broad spectrum activity for dairy, livestock housing, equipment, processing plant and water sanitizing.

General Properties

Unique complex of poly ethoxylated alcohol and iodine. Contains 2.8% iodine with 28% phosphoric acid equivalent.
UK and Irish Ministry of Agriculture Approved against all notifiable diseases.
Highest iodophor approved dilutions against virus diseases and Tuberculosis.
Broad spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Detergent cleaning activity.
Suitable for all classes of livestock.
Non-toxic and non-irritant at working dilutions.
Suitable for dairy and processing equipment.
Effective in hard and soft water.


For cleaning and disinfection of farm buildings, hatcheries, processing plant, dairies and milking equipment, surgeries, hospitals, livestock markets, abattoirs and all equipment.

Surface disinfection
Use İyofarm at a dilution of between 1:140 and 1:400 according to level of organic soiling.

Equipment eg. vehicles,feeders and drinkers, cages.
Clean and disinfect using İyofarm at a dilution of 1:400.

Water lines and header tanks
Flush out with clean water and then refill with a solution of İyofarm at a dilution of 1:400 (25ml in 10 litres of water).

Aerial spraying
After replacement of equipment following disinfection use İyofarm at a dilution of 1:300 (35ml in 10 litres of water). Use at the rate of 1 litre of solution per 100 m3 of building volume.

Fish farming
Disinfect by spray application of a 1:50 solution (200ml in 10 litres of water) of İyofarm. Allow to dry before use.

Packing: Available in 1, 2, 5 and 25 litre containers.

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