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REFARM A.Ş. has taken place in ANIMALIA ISTANBUL 2008 exhibition

Refarm A.Ş. took place in the Animalia Istanbul 2008, the 5th Livestock & Cattle Breeding Technologies International Trade Fair in Istanbul Expo Center, between 5-7 June, 2008.

Animalia Istanbul, which will be organized for the 5th time in 2008, is the only UFI (The Golbal Association of the Exhibition Industry) approved event in Turkey and the regions’s Livestock and Cattle Breeding Technologies Industry.

Through Animalia Istanbul the heart of stockbreeding & dairy production beated in Istanbul for 3 days long which aims to represent stock-breeding industry and allied technologies through dairy production equipment and feeds to organic milk and meat in a professional platform.

Opening session of this fair made by the organizator Mr. Bekir Çakıcı, General Manager of HKF Trade Fairs, then Mr. Ahmet Ertürk who is the deputy of Aydın province and the member of Agriculture, Forest and Rural Affairs the committee, began to speak, explaining the advantageous of this fair to the related sector and the government agriculture policy.

During the fair several seminar activities made giving the information for the demonstrated products in the boots. With 108 Turkish companies and 26 overseas companies from 12 different countries, Animalia Istanbul had a total of 134 companies participated and over 5.000 visitors this year.

In this fair, Refarm stand attracted great attention with the products of represented companies written below and from the sector producers to the farms and from the raiser to agents, briefly for everybody , Refarm was a meeting points for Biosecurity and feeding.

ANTEC -  DUPONT (UK) : Disinfectants
HOLM & LAUE (Germany) : Calf Hatcheries and Feeder systems, Milktaxi
MSC (US) : Milk Replacer, Calf Feding products and Performance products
BELL LAB. INC. (US) : Tomcat Rodent Baits and Bait Stations
MC CULLOCH (New Zealand) : Calf Resuscitator
CASA VERDE (Germany) : Control products systems for natural fly and wild bees
MULTIFAN-ITB (The Netherlands) : Combi Ventilation systems

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