Refarm A.S. is a biosecurity company which has always emphasized on the importance of biosecurity to improve performance and efficiency and supported this mission with most suitable services and products, conducts its activities under 4 main topics;
  • Animal Health
• Environment
• Human Health
• Food Safety
Supplying, and after sales of veterinary health products / equipment and related consultancy services comprise the majority of our business activities.
Refarm runs said activities by representing in Turkey, most reputable global companies mentioned below;
Disinfectants: DUPONT A.H
Active and Inactive Poultry Vaccines: FORT DODGE A.H.
Rodent Control Products, Bait stations, Glue Boards: BELL LABORATORIES
IN-OVO Injection Machines and IN-OVO Vaccines: EMBREX
Egg Washing and Sanitation Systems Machines: MS TECHNOLOGIES
Hatchery Machines and Hatchery Automation: PASREFORM B.V.
Calf Hatchers and Feeding Systems: HOLM & LAUE
Milk Replacer and Performance Products: MSC COMPANY
Air Ventilation Systems: MULTIFAN / ITB
We as Refarm Group of Companies owe our strength to our producers who always expect more and the very best from us. Possessing a high level of responsibility for human and environment, our group is determined to carry on with its efforts in the future by supplying the most suitable products and technology to the industry.